Why Choose Us?

Benefits of our programme


Reduce your stress levels and working hours


Improve your leadership skills to help to build high performing teams


Grow your profits by at least 36% in 3 years

What are the aims of our programme?

The program is not just an education course. You can get education from books and videos. A coaching program should help you implement and deliver the results you want.

Our programme is carefully designed to deliver high levels of help and support to ensure you implement the recommended strategies and achieve the promised results.

Our programme is not solely based on helping you build an extraordinary business.  It also has the unique aim of helping you to live a happier, more effective and more fulfilled life. 

Positive, happy people have a positive impact on their teams and families – We aim to help you enhance that process. 

We will help you align your personal and business goals with what you really want from your life. This alignment will help you focus on achieving the goals that really matter to you. 

What makes our Business Multiplier coaching programme different? ​

Unlike other coaching programmes, we don’t simply meet with you once a month to discuss strategies and help you set goals.  We have carefully designed and produced video training modules to explain strategies to be implemented in a clear and in-depth manner. You will receive around 2-3 hours a month of strategy training videos.  

Your questions on strategy and implementation plans can be discussed with both the coaches and your mastermind group online so that you can get immediate feedback without having to wait for a monthly call or meeting. 

Our monthly full day workshop held at a local hotel will also enable you to discuss strategy, your plans and any problems you are having with both the coaches and your mastermind group. You will also learn best practice ideas of implementation plans from the coaching group  

Some coaching programmes may offer face to face workshops that generally tend to be held once per quarter. We believe these are highly valuable, but we also believe one per quarter is not enough. 

Signing up to our Business Multiplier programme means that you will attend a workshop once per month. These workshops will be attended by your coaches as well as the other business owners who are part of your mastermind group taking part in the programme.  The day will encompass both strategy education, progress reporting as well as offering an excellent networking opportunity. 

This extra input of taking one day a month out of your day to day business to learn and plan is essential to moving forward to developing your own business quickly and effectively 

This extra face to face time with your coaches and your mastermind group will further build trust and understanding of the strategies being recommended to you. 

One to one coaching with a coach is a generally the basis with which most business coaching programmes are centered around. This can be highly effective but depends entirely on the quality of the coach and their experience.
Only people who already run successful businesses are invited to join our programme which means the feedback and input of your mastermind group is extremely valuable.
Any questions you may have can be raised and answered by the coaches and other participants meaning that responses are not completely dependent on ideas of the coach. 

We also have access to external coaches to offer insight should we want to explore and question or queries in more depth. 

This is a much more effective methodology than simply depending on one coach.

You will be held accountable for the goals you set, not just by your coaches, but also other members of your mastermind group. You will be assigned a “Buddy” from your mastermind group which you will hold a 30-40minute accountability call with every week (except in Workshop weeks). 

You will be encouraged to rotate your “Buddy” as this forms strong bonds with your mastermind group, and you build trust in their input. 

The added benefit of this to you is that you learn to effectively question and coach people thus building valuable leadership skills which will benefit your own business team. 


This area is not specifically covered in most business coaching programmes. This area is Lindsey’s specialty and a keen area of interest for Charles. Balance and integration of both personal and business life is the key to ensuring you have the full range of resources to drive your business forward. 

We believe strong leadership is essential to develop an extraordinary business and so this is an integral part of our programme. The leadership development modules are provided in addition to the business development programme. Both parts coming together is what makes our programme so unique and effective. 

The buddy coaching and monthly workshops along with a number of other strategies will also help you develop as a strong leader. 

Although Life Coaching is only explicitly worked on in year two and three of our programme, we know the skills you learn in leadership, goal setting and achievement will naturally be implemented in your personal life to develop a life you love. 

A business owner is normally not answerable to anyone within their own business. This can be a double-edged sword. 

Experience tells us that when things get difficult, most people fail to stay committed to the actions that enable them to achieve their goals.  

This is the real reason why most people fail to achieve their full potential. 

This is what makes our programme so successful Focus on accountability is the essence of our programme. We don’t only help you set your goals, we support you to achieve them 

The ongoing accountability of the weekly buddy calls and monthly workshops will ensure you do what is required to achieve your goals.  

Advice and strong support is provided by the coaches and your mastermind group to drive through the difficulties. You will just need the courage and commitment to keep going. However, this time you will not be bearing the burden by yourself – you have a strong and trusted support group. (All elite teams work on these same principles) 

We guarantee you will start to see the benefits of being held accountable to achieve goals you have previously felt are out of reach 

Learning how to effectively set and achieve goals will be a game changer in your business and life. 

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”

William Durant, co-founder, General Motors

Our motivation

In summary

Why are we running the programmes?

To contribute to society in the best way, we know how

To give something back to people who have helped us grow

To help a large number of people build happier and more successful lives

Build a profitable practice we love working in

We walk our talk. We firmly believe we will only obtain the growth and life satisfaction we require by delivering the results you want.

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