Without exception, all great performers in sports, entertainment or business have great coaches. Roger Federer may be an amazing tennis player, but he still benefits from a great coach.

It is almost impossible to be truly objective about yourself and your actions. To achieve extraordinary success, you have to set yourself difficult challenges and persevere sufficiently to achieve them. Without help, this difficult path is made even more difficult – A great coach will help you see where your current limiting beliefs or strategies might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

If you think as you have always done – you will do what you have always done. You will get the same results you are now getting.

If you are completely happy with those results – that’s great – simply carry on.

If however, you want improvement in any area of your life, something has to change.

Let’s say you want some of the following results:

  • A more highly profitable and growing business which is great fun to work in
  • Brilliant relationships with everyone important to you in your life
  • Challenges rather than stress
  • A much better balance between your work and personal life

With help from a great coach, you can achieve all of the above goals.

    • Firstly, you have to recognise the importance and value of personal and leadership development.
    • Secondly, you have to commit to change to improve your skills, knowledge and habits
    • Thirdly, take massive and committed action

The 3-year programme is a unique integrated, comprehensive coaching programme. The programme covers three main areas:

  • Year 1 – Performance Multiplier – Building and Developing high performance teams
  • Year 2 – Growth Multiplier – Scaling your business in a dependable way
  • Year 3 – Value Multiplier – Becoming a 24/12 owner to increase the value of your business
To learn more about the structure of the programme please visit our  How we Work  page

The first years coaching focus is on helping you properly implement the Business Certainty Principle. This approach is unique. It’s not just about education – it’s about giving you all the help and support you need to implement the suggested strategies and achieve the promised results of the programme.

Very simply Charles has a very unusual skill set.

Most leadership and business coaches will simply not have the practical knowledge, skills or experience which comes from 30 years of owning and managing multiple companies themselves.

Most business coaches tend to focus only on the systems used to grow and improve profits.  Very few will have a real passion for helping you to develop your leadership skills. This personal development will have a massive impact on all areas of your life not just your business. It is often a surprise to clients who join the program simply to grow their profits that the benefits of leadership coaching are sometimes more valuable.

The point that makes this programme unique is this. Almost no one else is so focused on working with you hands on to ensure you achieve the results of the programme. We achieve this by giving you both personal coaching and built-in accountability using weekly accountability calls, monthly workshops and mastermind groups. If you are still struggling to achieve results 1-2-1 coaching will be implemented. Basically, whatever it takes to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

The first year Performance Mutilplier programme during which the business certainty principle is implemented is another major unique part of the programme.

Lindsey is a fully qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. Her 10 years of coaching experience and insights help and support Charles in the most challenging area of the program – leadership and life coaching.

Their experience in business coaching and leadership coaching together with tried and tested strategies make the Business Multiplier programme unique

Help you to grow personally and as a leader

  • Improve your skills to help you achieve your goals
  • Define your purpose in life and goals to help you achieve that purpose
  • Improve your relationships with everyone – not only at work
  • Help you lead a happier and more balanced life
  • Develop excellent habits in all areas of your life
  • Develop habits to improve your general happiness levels.

Help you grow your business profits and build an extraordinary business

  • Help you implement the missing Business Certainty Principle into your business
  • Use this principle to grow your profits by at least 36% in 3 years
  • Develop a clear vision for your business and implement plans to move towards that vision
  • Improve your Sales and Marketing
  • Build a strong and supportive team around you
  • Develop great customer service systems to deliver on your promises
  • Manage your budgets and grow profitability.

Help you improve the value of your business

  • The value of a business is increased dramatically if the profitability and growth are not dependent on the owner
  • Year 3 of the programme aims to ensure you develop mastery of your business and develop great leaders who grow the business and its profits without you
  • Help you become a 24/12 business owner so you only have to work 24 hours a year – This time is one meeting per quarter with your Managing Director to agree to the ongoing business strategy.

We would prefer that you commit for at least 12 months – the first year of the programme will be the hardest and this committed mindset will see you through. This is because, in that first year, you will most probably be strongly challenged to meet personal and business goals that you may have struggled to attain for years. After one year we are certain that you will see the benefits of what you have achieved. You should then be happy to continue for the next two years.

However, we do not hold you in the programme – you pay monthly and can choose to stop your standing order payment at any time.

Yes – All improvement requires change and work to achieve that change. Setting goals and working towards achieving them will certainly stretch you in the short term. However, focusing on implementing better strategies in the right areas will ensure you achieve better long-term results. This does not mean you have to do all the work to implement the programme strategies yourself. Your team can and will help.

This means eventually you will reach the point when you are not stressed and overloaded. The chances are that if you feel overloaded now, this will probably continue over the coming years until you start to do something differently.

Using better strategies and building great high performing teams will help you lead a happier, balanced and stress-free life.

10 full-day workshops for focus and learning per year and a 30-minute accountability phone call per week will not impact hugely on your time.

This is the equivalent of taking time to “sharpen the saw”. The focus of the programme is in helping to develop you and your team leaders to do the right things and become accountable for the results you produce. This focus will mean you and your teams become significantly more effective.

In the end, you set the goals for your business – we will help you define which goals are the most important and what are the best strategies to achieve them.

We doubt that you are afraid of hard work – especially when you start to see solid improvements and good results.

After 6 months to a year, you will find you can make more time to do and achieve the important things in your business and life. 

For businesses of over 15 people, bearing in mind the huge positive impact of the programme we suggest you appoint a part time business development assistant to help you monitor and implement the programme effectively.

How do I find out more?

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