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Business Multiplier Programme

The programme is not just about providing you with an education. Practical help is deeply integrated into the programme to ensure you properly implement the recommended strategies and achieve the promised results.

The first module Performance Multiplier will help you to embed the Business Certainty Principle into your business to provide a solid foundation to build an extraordinary business

 Our Business Multiplier programme coaches you and your senior leadership team across three vital areas over 3 years.


Year 1

Performance Multiplier

Performance Multiplier

Embedding the Business Certainty Principle

How to be a great leader

Year 2

Growth Multiplier

Growth Multiplier

Scaling up your business

How to live a life you love

Year 3

Value Multiplier

Value Multiplier

Growing the value of your business

How to develop extraordinary mental strength to build an inspirational life

Each year is a highly focussed self-contained programme. You pay a fixed monthly fee. You are not held into the programme at any time.

How the Business Multiplier Programme is structured

The programme consists of 26 modules delivered online over a year.  You will normally receive 3 modules per month.  These in-depth coaching videos will help you gain a full understanding and guidance on how to implement the Business Certainty Principle strategies. 

All members will receive access to a private client portal on which all programme content can be accessed.

All members of the programme will be added to a private discussion forum.  This will be used for you to ask any questions of the coaches around the content of the programme.  Each mastermind group will have its own forum to support each other with thoughts and ideas around difficulties you may face.

All members of the programme will join a mastermind group which consists of 4 – 7 other business owners.  These business owners will have enrolled on the programme at the same time meaning that you can all support each other in the challenges that each stage of the programme raises.  The ideas and support of the mastermind group offers a significant advantage over personal 1-2-1 coaching where you only get the ideas of the coach.

As part of the programme, you will be entitled to 10 full day face to face workshopover the year with your mastermind group.  These are a great opportunity for you to come away from your business and focus on your own personal and professional development. The purpose and benefit of these workshops is to produce clear action plans to implement the Business Certainty Principle strategies into your business. It’s usual to have fresh insight and new perspective that makes your whole day worthwhile. The fresh insights you obtain will help you make huge leaps forward in both your business and leadership skills.   

During the workshops we will agree with you a small number of business goals to achieve over the coming 30 days. These goals are shared and recorded with your mastermind group. They will be charged to hold you accountable, help and support you to achieve your goals. You will also help them to achieve theirs. This built-in accountability will  prove to be the turning point in helping you achieve the goals you may previously have struggled with. 

We use a buddy accountability strategy to implement accountability to achieve your 30-day goals set at the workshops.  Every week you will hold a weekly “buddy accountability” call with someone in your mastermind group. This regular call will hold you accountable and help check on your goal progress and discuss solutions to any problems you may encounter. Should you face any difficulties the coaches will also be available to help as required. 

For any challenges that are not able to be resolved through the mastermind group forum or workshops, these can be escalated to one of our coaches. 

Backed by research

“Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”

John D. Rockefeller

Our Programme

Performance Multiplier is the first year of our 3 year Business Multiplier programme. 

This first module will help you to embed the Business Certainty Principle into your business to provide a solid foundation for