Only one director of the company needs to join the programme provided all directors are fully supportive and committed to implementing the changes required. 

To help your company achieve the desired results, all content of the programme including the video modules can be shared using the ‘VBC Client Portal’ with all employees of your company. If the registered programme member cannot attend a workshop a substitute can attend instead.

Fees are fixed at £970 + Vat per month for each person on the programme.

This is less than the cost of one skilled part-time person a month but we are certain that the benefits will be significantly higher for both you and your business.

The decision to proceed from the first years programme to the next one is made by a separate contract and so we only ask people to commit for the year.  You only pay monthly and can cancel at any time

To learn how the coaching programme is structured and the value for money it delivers please visit our How we Work page

Before making any decisions all that we ask is that you obtain all the relevant information. First watch our FREE video How to build an extraordinary business - then make your decision on the value to you.

“All progress takes place outside your comfort zone.”

Michael John Bobak

Our money back guarantee.

We believe these fees offer excellent value for money based on the results that you will achieve by working with us.

We are confident in our programme that we offer a full money back written guarantee on your monthly fees if you are not delighted with the results after 3 months.

This effectively means that you can proceed safely in the knowledge that there is no financial risk to starting the programme.